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Blind Center

Sankalp Helping Foundation: A perfect way of giving life a second chance

In the age of self-interested thinking, when the sense of responsibility towards the society and the country is dying out, Sankalp Helping Foundation supplicates to differ. We are involved in promoting youth empowerment and also sponsoring education & health care facilities for the blind children so all those who believe in the change for a better future can join us and start working.

We provide a platform for people who really wish to come forward, contribute, and participate in the nation-building. Sankalp, a revolutionary effort in India that aims to empower the blind in all domains of life. Our NGO, also sponsor different healthcare and education program to help the blind children.

We not only help the blind children to lead a edify and holistic life but also put our efforts to help the other population to have a new viewpoint on how to look at the blind.

However, we are indulged in funding education, tools as well as services to the vision loss children so that they can attain greater independence. We are working continuously and putting our efforts so that we have a world where vision loss is a diagnosis, not a disability.

We are committed to sponsoring basic education as well as healthcare facilities to the underprivileged and blind children. Therefore, being a part of the Sankalp Helping Foundation means that you have a great opportunity for doing something good for the needy ones.

What do we do?


According to us, education is the basic means to live a better life because it empowers an individual to make his or her livelihood. With the help of education, it often becomes easy for people to have a complete understanding of different issues right from healthcare, social behavior to one’s rights, helping to develop as a better citizen.

We provide education especially to the unprivileged children and especially to the girls so that their families can get empowered. Our team of volunteers keeps on organizing different activities regularly like stationery distribution in primary schools and slum areas.

At Sankalp Helping Foundation, we are involved in sponsoring the best of the best education to the needy, blind, and poor children so that they can have a bright future.

Our volunteers also organize vocational training for the children so that their core strength can be developed and they successfully complete their education. Right from our inception, we have helped several children through our incredible education program.

All the children are taught different skills that help them to live a productive life, while our educational training is also customized as per the needs of children.

We put all our efforts so that the same opportunities, as well as educational experiences, can be provided to the blind children as those offered for the sighted ones. Our volunteers also put all their efforts to ensure that blind children along with their families, friends, and neighbors are interacting socially in usual circumstances.

Sankalp Helping Foundation supports comprehensive education to make sure that children who are blind or visually impaired can the opportunity to mainstream education because this is important for lifting them out from poverty.

We provide education classes to the children through assistive devices, available education material, infrastructure convenience, compensatory skills training as well as building education management and leadership. Today individuals who are blind can easily work as effectively as the sighted individual in different occupations as well as inclinations.

Our volunteers support the children who are visually impaired by using the right technology, physical aids (Braille) as well as tools such as low vision equipment that provide them to work self-reliantly and perform tasks that were once difficult for them to do.


At, Sankalp Helping Foundation, we are indulged in offering high quality healthcare facilities to the needy ones as well as unprivileged communities in India.

Right from our establishment, we are involved in food distribution to the individuals who are not able to lead a normal life or do not have access to food every day like child labor, poor people as well as street people. However, people who are not able to work like blind individuals and who are below the poverty line are also part of our food distribution plan.

We have healthcare centers, where easily general medicines, homeopathy drugs, generic medications, and other medical care facilities are available free of cost. Through, these centers we easily provide assistance to the rural and urban under-served societies in India.

Urban slum residents often suffer from serious health conditions due mainly due to two reasons, first is the lack of education and second is the reluctance to lose a day’s pay to have access to the nearest medical facility.

Due to all this reason, providing the best quality healthcare facilities at the doorstep for the needy ones and promoting healthcare awareness has turned out to be the need of the hour.

So, keeping this in mind, we at Sankalp Helping Foundation, are involved in offering door-to-door healthcare services. Our main motive is to provide healthcare assistance to the children and women residing in urban shantytowns as well as remote rural areas.

In our healthcare program, we also help physically disabled individuals and also people who are affected by natural disasters. Our volunteers not only offer nutritious food bit also medicines and clothing so that they can live a healthy life.

However, depending upon the needs of affected people, we focus on offering both dry as well as cooked meals. After the natural disaster, illness and diseases often follow. Keeping this in mind, we provide consultation and medication for free to the affected people.

Sankalp Helping Foundation is continuously involved in rendering best and quality healthcare facilities to the children who do not have access to good healthcare facilities.

Currently, at the time of the COVID pandemic, we are helping the unprivileged families and children by providing them masks, soaps, and basic necessities like food so that they can stay healthy and well-protected against the virus.

So, come and join us because we will give you the opportunity to work for the nation by providing the best education, healthcare facility and quality food to the unprivileged & blind children.