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info@sankalphelpingfoundation.org     011-40042572
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What We Do

Charity For Education Irrespective of age, education charity often makes learning possible for students right from pre-school to graduate school. We, at Sankalp Helping Foundation, sponsor children to make learning conceivable for underprivileged children.

At Sankalp Helping Foundation, we work hard to offer the finest education for the disadvantaged children of our society. But this is not possible for us to do alone. Being a donor, you can sponsor a child and help in his or her fees, education material, etc.

So, come together with us to take a step forward in providing quality education to children and make India a better place.

Feed For Hungry Child Remember feeding hungry children is not an imposition but a pleasure. There are several children around the globe who are at risk of hunger. But you can help them today. Your small donation or charity can help vulnerable kids to get nutritious food so that they can grow and live healthy life.

Even your small contribution to us at Sankalp Helping Foundation in the form of charity can provide meals to several children who are fraught regularly with an empty belly.

So, join us today and stop child hunger by doing charity.

Help Little Hands Being the topmost non-profit organization, Sankalp Helping Foundation is indulged in providing important and slightly more care and love to little hands i.e., babies and their families.

There are several parents especially in the rural areas who are not able to afford even the basic necessities for their little ones due to financial crisis. So, through donations and fundraising, we help the little hands by providing them items required.

Not only this, but we also urge other people to come forward and help the little hands so that they can live a healthy & happy life.

Disaster Management We, at Sankalp Helping Foundation, are involved in disaster management for the poor section of society. With the given funds, we try our best to ensure a quick response and save lives as much as possible.

Our NGO has a team of volunteers who are involved in helping the people affected by natural calamities like floods, Pandemic(Covid-19), and so on. We offer relief materials, organize health camps, arrange shelters for them that are temporary, and even indulge in rescue operations.

We, appeal to you to come forward and extend a helping hand by donating funds for the people affected by natural disasters.

Social Autonomy Sankalp Helping Foundation is one of the recognized non-profit organizations in India. We are involved in providing quality education, nutritious food as well as health awareness among the poor and needy people of the rural areas. It is noticed that several children especially in the rural areas are not able to go to school because of their bad financial conditions. We sponsor the education of children and help them with their study material, school fees, and so on.

Every day several men and women in India fight to feed their little one’s nutritious food or meal. Being the topmost non-profit organization, our volunteers also organize several food distribution camps so that underprivileged people can be fed nutritious meals every day. You can also contribute and help us feed more people.

Taking care of health is definitely our sole responsibility but it is sad to know that the weaker section of the society is not even aware of the basic healthcare facilities. Through several programs, we create awareness about health and inform people about deadly diseases like Cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis.

Along with this, we also celebrate different festivals with poor/homeless and old-age home people. Therefore, we urge people to come forward and help us by donating for the underprivileged people and sponsor the education of poor children.

SANKALP HELPING FOUNDATION is involved in lots of activities like stationary distribution in primary schools and food distribution in slum areas. Sankalp Helping Foundation engaged in working for the betterment of needy and poor children`s. we with the help of volunteers work together to provide a better future for these type of needy children`s. our Sankalp to provide better education, healthy life for needy children’s. We work as a catalyst and try provide the basic requirements of life such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health to the needy children.

Distribution of food:-

SANKALP HELPING FOUNDATION always distributes food to needy people such as street people, poor people, and child labor. We also include those people in our food distribution plan who are below poverty line and unable to work. We mostly target those people in our program who are physically disabled. We also distribute food on those places which are affected by natural disaster.


SANKALP HELPING FOUNDATION Plays an important part in protecting the global environment as well. A lot of awareness is created amongst the Indian people on deadly diseases like AIDs, CANCER, HIV etc. for which camps are set up and run all over the country from time to time Children living in the slums are also provided nutritious food, medicines, and clothing free of cost. The other objective of the trust is the instituting of primary, secondary and middle level schools for offering free education to the favela, poor and street children. SANKALP give importance on providing better health facilities to the deprived children.